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Social Media Marketing  can be an incredible business asset, forming a direct link between companies and their customers on their private feeds and should be a part of any good marketing plan. By using social media channels to build your brand, your company will be able to communicate your message to a large group of potential followers on networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Social media is a part of our daily lives which continues to grow and shape the way that we do business. In Australia alone Facebook has 17 million users. That’s just under 70% of the entire Australian population is on Facebook.

The Platinum Creative team know that Social Media Marketing isn’t all about selfies and what you might have had for dinner, it is a direct feed to your customers through targeted and strategic marketing that you can use to build brand awareness, customer loyalty trust which will ultimately lead to sales. In order to achieve this, you must have a solid plan and strategy

In today’s digital world your business can not afford to overlook the huge benefits that are achievable with the right Social Media Marketing. Platinum Creative can simplify and streamline all of your social media marketing so that you can focus on servicing your clients and running your business.

Companies which implement social media marketing services into their online digital business plan are rewarded with an increased audience share, an increase in social media followers and a higher chance of quality leads. The more often that your content appears on your channels, the more familiar your audience becomes with your brand. Did you know that case studies have shown, that along with brand recognition comes improved customer loyalty.

By posting quality and engaging content to your social media channels on a frequent basis, you are increasing the popularity of your  brand. The greater your reach becomes, the more followers you attract and this enables you to become an influencer in your industry market. As you syndicate content to your social media accounts, you are building a following consisting of potential customers, existing customers as well as your recent customers. Every interaction that these people have with your brand is another chance of converting them from leads into paying customers.

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