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Digital marketing is essential for any business looking to grow sales and get noticed in today’s modern world. It applies platforms and technologies like email, websites and social sites. Most companies employ digital and traditional marketing channels but today, digital marketing is popularly becoming an innovative way for marketers to use. It helps you increase ROI compared to traditional marketing method.

Digital marketing has been used by more and more business owners to promote their products and services effectively but many do not know how to effectively use their resources and marketing spend to get their customers attention and spark action.

Digital marketing has opened the door to a whole new way of understanding your target audience, their wants and their needs. Using detailed data and insights, we equip your business with all the tools necessary to establish its place in the market. Data is a critical part of our formula, allowing us to deliver communications that resonate with your clients.

As professional marketers at Platinum Creative we understand the power of digital marketing and have a passion of sharing it’s powerfulness and effectiveness to businesses who are smart enough to get on-board.


The following are the areas in digital marketing and how they are being used to efficiently promote businesses:

Email Marketing – We carefully create specific targeted and strategic campaigns that deliver marketing messages to target markets in a timely manner.

Search Engine Management – SEM, PPC, AdWords, paid search – they are all words or abbreviations for paid ads to land on search results within Google and other search engines. These paid advertisements are placed ahead with the tight organic search results. Platinum Creative manage SEM campaigns by getting an understanding of your company, important keywords, the competition and objectives in order to maximise your advertising dollar and create effective advertising. If not executed correctly, PPC advertising can be an expensive exercise. If done right, SEM can create a lot of leads and make you a lot of website traffic to convert into sales.

Social Media – The social media management is not only about sending tweets but it is also about managing your brand image by various social channels available. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram – there are a lot of them out there but which one is right for you and how can you manage it to your advantage. It is more than posting an image of your product or an ad about your big sale, it is a combination of proactive management and effective use of the right tool for the job. Management of social media has also become more complex and mature over the years with better reporting tools and greater selection of social channels. There is no point advertising your dress shop sale to 35 year old tradies on the other side of the country. Platinum Creative can help you develop eye catching content and get it in front of your target market consistently.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is an integral part of any business website. There is no point having a website for your business if no one is seeing it. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts at Platinum Creative will transform your website so that it ranks better and gets seen by more buyers. Google uses a complex algorithim that incorporates many factors and inputs to rank websites in order of relevance to the search criteria. SEO success and subsequent rankings involve both website optimisation, commonly referred to as ‘on-page optimisation’, and off-page optimisation such as link building, citations and reviews. Platinum Creative can integrate the best SEO tactics to make your website get onto the first page of Google.


Having extensive experience and success developing digital strategies, we’ve learnt an important fact: Every business – large and small – needs a digital strategy. Fact. Our digital specialists have the expertise to craft a unique digital strategy that will set your business apart and grow your brand. Armed with a effective digital marketing plan, your cost-effective 12-month programme will set you down the path to reaching your business objectives and goals. Not only will you enjoy increased traffic from a relevant online audience, but your ability to improve revenue will improve exponentially as well.

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